Why Muuse Bihi Should Be President.

muuse bihi

M. Anwar

Why do we believe Muuse Bihi should be President? The man is qualified for starters. From being a former Air Force Officer, Rebel leader, Interior Minister and for last 6 years Chairman of the ruling Kulimiye party. He has been called a bold and decisive leader by his supporters and his critics. He has developed strong and deep relationships with clans of all colors and has sought to alleviate their grievances. His long-standing tradition of seeking input and advice from the republic’s youth only adds to his resume.


Now to be objective we also must list his faults. Mr. Bihi does have a tendency to seem stand-offish, he can learn to be more people friendly. But all that can be due to his former military career and not something sinister. Mr. Bihi is also known to be clan-oriented, but not in the negative, he has been successful at recruiting from clans not his own.


In 2017 we have a choice to make as a Republic; Irro the divider or Bihi the uniter. Irro represents all that we chose not be; clannish, corrupt, incompetent, and cruel. On the other hand Bihi represents all that we have striven for; united, modern, disciplined, and righteous. We have to make a desicion based  on the facts and that Irro is a danger to our democracy. The only candidate that offers us a future we can believe in is Muse Bihi.


M. Anwar


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