Is Abdirahman Irro the Donald Trump of Somaliland?

Cabdiraxman Cirro   donald trump

M. Anwar

Abdirahman Irro, Chairman of the Waddani Party and Speaker of the House of Representatives, is showing signs that he is the Donald Trump of Somaliland. He has become infamous for bringing old clan divisions into mainstream politics even though he claims to be a unifying figure. His rhetoric recently has included lobbying his own clan, Habar Yonis, to vote only for him and him alone solely based on the fact that he was born a Habar Yonis.

He has made zero attempts at attracting support from other clans in the country which he would need to mount any meaningful effort to launch a Presidential campaign. He has also become notorious for physically assaulting the most senior member of the minority clans in the parliament, Bashe Mohamed M.P., while the parliament was in session and televised live. He has shown a disregard for voting procedures based on his opposition to reform election laws.

Anyone who is watching the American elections and Somalilands upcoming vote can only deduce that this man, Abdirahman Irro M.P., is showing symptoms of Donald Trumps own terminal disease, Stupidity. He has shown no knowledge of regional polictics, no knowledge of international politics, and made no clear platform on which he is running. His sole political legitimacy is that he is Habar Yonis and that is all that is required for running for the Office of The President.

Whomever interested in the future of this Republic must surely take into account this man’s clear lack of qualifications to run this nation.



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